Asheville NC Real Estate July 2018

Real Estate

If you are just hitting the pavement to look for a home in the Asheville, you may be hitting a wall about now if your budget is less than $350,000.  Keep in mind that there is more to the Asheville than meets the eye or the pocket book, no pun intended.  There are some wonderful communities still left untapped in the area that may not come up if you just google "Asheville Real Estate".  People assume to be in walking distance to anything you have to be in west Asheville or downtown Asheville and there are more options to consider.  One untapped area is Shiloh where there are many homes that one can preambulate to Biltmore Village.  The below list is a few hidden gems to consider when looking for real estate in the Asheville "area by amenities that most people are looking for today:

Close to Hiking and Trails

Consider Bent Creek in southwest Asheville off hwy 191.  The community boasts a park as well as the ability to bike or hike from your home.  It may not be "walkable" to chic restaurants or bars however if you want to escape the traffic and tourist, this is the place.  It is adjacent to the North Carolina Arboretum.  

Another consideration is Mills River north of Hwy 280 (otherwise known as Airport Road).  From this area you can access numerous trails for mountain biking and hiking as well as horse back riding in the North Mills River Recreational Park.  And don't forget this is the home of Sierra Nevada Brewing and Bold Rock Cider.  Also they have the best dog park ever at the Mills River Park - if you go please be sure to donate a dollar or so, if you do not live in the county like I do!

Stay tuned for more exciting tibbits!